Friday, 27 June 2014


Getting ready for Henry's party.
It seems such a long time since I last wrote an update on my blog. It's not really, but we have now been away for our Grandson's first birthday party and what a lovely weekend it was. Yes, I did have my cake, and party food, and saveloy and chips, and a glass or two of Proseco and do you know? It was wonderful!
I seem to have so much more energy to enjoy the preparations and the party and even have some left for a walk to the park afterwards.
It is hard to believe it's a year since Henry was born, and six months since I set my first goal of losing four stone by his birthday.
Now it is time to set my next goal, which is to lose another two stone by Steve and my tenth wedding anniversary in October. That will then be 84 pounds in total lost.
It's a funny feeling when you have achieved something, you can sometimes feel a little deflated when the time comes, a bit like the day after Christmas, a special occasion or your wedding day. It's like you have worked up to something, then it's there and gone.
The difference with my situation is that I still need to lose weight, so I need to find the motivation to carry on.
Well, all the larger clothes have now gone. Bagged up and taken to the local charity shop. I did say to Steve, what will I wear if I put the weight back on? He said I wouldn't, so there you go - the old me is gone.
I must admit I did feel good last Saturday at the party wearing a new dress. I am beginning to like what I see in the mirror and in photographs, and it was lovely to mingle and talk with friends, family and guests I hadn't met before with a new found confidence, rather than wanting to sit at a table and hide with a plate of food and a drink.
I have inspired my daughter Jal to lose weight too, and I must say she looked gorgeous in a beautiful new blue dress she had bought. I was so proud, and you should have seen the birthday cake she made.
The next day we went for a long walk along the seafront at Southsea, something I would have struggled with before the weight loss. We talked about the differences that losing weight have made to us. She mentioned to me how much we talk now about fashion and make-up, something we never did when she was growing up, and how it feels so lovely to have these chats about "girly things".
So now it's time to get back to the straight and narrow, so to speak, and carry on where I left off. And the first step is my regular Thursday weigh-in. The result? I've lost another two pounds this week. That's a total of 65 and a half pounds so far. Will I make my next goal? I hope so, and I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey.


  1. You are looking good dear... You will have to point me in the direction of your Steve 's blog thing

  2. Why, thank you Aunt Doris. You're very kind! Steve's comics blog thing is at
    It's not as good as mine, of course! :)