Saturday, 2 August 2014


This week has a positive one which is always good.
I think it's slightly too big now...
I have managed to get out and walk quite a bit, which always makes me feel so much better, especially if it's a pretty walk. The less it involves busy roads the better. Walking has always been my chosen form of exercise (along with dancing around the house a lot of the time).
While you are doing Change 4 Life, you are offered a free six month gym membership, and certain exercise classes, but they all involved travelling to get there, which wasn't for me. So walking and dancing it is then. :)
As you may already know I have been struggling with my weight since I was a child and have tried all of the slimming clubs and all of the fad diets, but nothing really worked in the long run.
During my recent weight loss I must admit that as well as physical exercise I seem to have also been exercising my mind. In the last seven months I have been doing a heck of a lot of thinking. Not always a good thing, but you do find out a lot about yourself that either you didn't know, or you had conveniently "forgotten" about and put in that Filing cabinet in your brain. :)
I was having a long conversation with my son recently and saying that if you have a good foundation in life, all the experiences you have are like bricks that build upon that foundation. It all makes for a balanced and complete life.
That would be in an ideal world, but for many of us it's not like that. 
We have a rocky start and have some bad experiences. We try to change things and fail and this knock us back big time. 
I know with myself I can go back as far as I can remember and see things that shaped the first half of my life, good and bad. Those foundations were not as strong as they could have been and I did not have a lot of confidence building experiences, but being aware of that can be a great start.
There are things you can change and things that will always be the same, but knowing that helps you to change what you can and accept what you can't.
I am really hoping that all this thinking I have been doing has not only worn out my brain :) but also helped me to discover why it is that in the past I have failed with my weight control.
It's not always easy to face what has happened to us in life, but in the end it is those things that make us what we are.
It's that old saying - we only have one life, there are no rehearsals. So change the things we can. It's got to be worth a try, if we really want to.
If those bricks bother us, we shouldn't let them. Throw them away and put new ones there in their place.
And my positive week ended well as I had lost another three pounds. That's 78 altogether. I'm getting there...