Sunday, 27 July 2014


It's been just over four weeks since I last updated my blog and what a strange four weeks it has been. With it's ups and downs it has been an emotional roller coaster and at one time I did even question what was the point of losing all this weight. That seems such a silly thing as I write it down, but at the time when for whatever reason you feel low you start to question what you have achieved and only see all the negatives in life.
This has been the time in the past that I have given up. If all the problems in life are still there, then what what was the point of losing weight. But problems in life will still be there whatever you have achieved for yourself. The point is that if you feel better or more positive in yourself you find that it becomes easier to cope with whatever life throws at you. For me losing weight is not only a physical thing but a mental thing.
My emotions determine what I do sometimes in a life changing way, and I know I have to conquer some of my emotions to make myself a stronger and more positive person and sometimes not so self-destructive. A lot of us look for some magic cure to give us what it is we need, whether it is losing weight, getting fit, stop smoking, biting our nails... the list goes on.
I know that with losing weight, many of us are looking for that magic diet and will often think that someone has that answer that will make everything so easy and simple. Over the last thirty years over 200,000 books have been written about weight loss. You can't help thinking that if one had the whole answer, would we need the other 199,999!
We need to look at ourselves and with a bit guidance do what is right for us.
Why are we the way we are? And if we want to do something how can we try to change things?
With the food it's a case of portion control, balance in what we eat, cutting down on fats and sugars and not too much denial. If you want to eat it, then eat it and then adjust what you eat afterwards.
With the mind it's looking at your own self pride and worth. You have a value, and sometimes we need to remember this. Self value can be something that not only helps us, but also makes us a better person for our family and friends.
I have now lost a total of 75 pounds which is great, but that does not mean that there are not issues that I have to learn to deal with. However, with my new found confidence I know I can do this.
My life, like so many others, will always throw problems at me, small and large, but there is nothing that can't be sorted with a little help and support, and with self value and self confidence.
So, 75 pounds lost and another 37 to go. I had better get on with it. See you next time - and I'll try not to leave it so long this time.