Saturday, 5 April 2014


First of all, let me say sorry to anyone who noticed that I did not update my blog last week. Life got in the way, both personally and socially, and before I knew it - no blog entry.
How many times, when we want to do something, does life get in the way? It shouldn't, but it does.
They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I don't feel it's as bad as that! :) I pick myself up, give myself a good shake and off I go again!
Since my last post I have been feeling a lot more positive. My weight is going down again and I am beginning to feel the benefits. Walking is getting a lot easier, and I have gone down three dress sizes so I have a lot to feel good about in myself, which always helps when life gets complicated.
Anyone who knows me will know I love cooking and have a love of cookery books. I have 78 at the moment, which covers most areas of the world, different cultures and eras in history. I have a great one which covers how we ate during the war and managed within the limits of rationing - maybe an idea for a future blog?
I was thinking wouldn't it be great if we had a recipe for everything in life. It would be wonderful if we knew exactly what to do, and when, in a certain way and get the results we wanted without any trouble. Unfortunately life doesn't work that way.
But just like a recipe in a book we can use experience as a guide to think how we can change all the bits we don't like and have the confidence to try things slightly differently.
One of the benefits of a varied life (been there, done that, got the t-shirt) is that it gives you the confidence to not always conform, to do things your own way as long as you don't hurt anyone on the way - or at least do your best not to.
One of the "Change For Life" sessions was about changing recipes we already have. Being able to eat the food we love but changing the ingredients that aren't as good for you.
Fats and sugars are the main culprits and it is easy to cut these down with a little bit of thought using low fat substitutes or sweeteners where appropriate or even cutting them out completely. Adding herbs and spices can add an extra kick to your food without adding those extra calories.
So, just like in life, we can change the things that are not good for us and bring in things that will enhance what is already there.
All it needs is just a little bit of thought and respect for what we have and removal of those things we don't need.
Think about yourself, love yourself, and give yourself the value you deserve. We all deserve a more flavoured life, but how we change the recipe is up to us.


  1. Wonderful stuff as usual. Keep it up.

  2. You have a lovely way with words dear. I would like to see an entry or two on wartime recipes. I might even get my nephew Michael to try cooking one.

  3. Aunt Doris, it's so kind of you to leave such a positive comment from your side of the ether. We have had the pleasure of meeting your nephew Michael and I must say what a charming and witty man he is. I will try to dig up a recipe he could put together for nowt. Or even for a Pocketful O' Nowt. :)