Friday, 9 January 2015


It's been a while since I last blogged, for a number of reasons. Life gets in the way as it often does, and sometimes we are too busy to know how we really feel.
I did go through a short time when the 'diet' nearly went out the window, when someone I considered had had a lot to do with my weight loss let me down badly and didn't treat me very well, but fortunately I am beginning to understand about my self worth and I decided that I had done what I had done and I wouldn't let anybody destroy that.
It is amazing how a very small thing can emotionally change the way you live your life and potentially ruin your achievements.
Back last year I did reach that target of one hundred pounds weight loss that I had set myself, which was a great feeling.
I was worried about Christmas and all of the food around, but I did manage to allow myself a few treats and had a lovely time throughout December with family and friends.
Now, I must be honest here. I did put on half a stone but that's 'normal' over Christmas isn't it?
What is amazing, to me anyway, is learning just what normal is.
I have spent the last year losing seven and a half stone, but when it comes down to weight management I still have no idea just what normal is.
I have always been a 'yo-yo' dieter. On the latest fad diet, then put the weight back on. On to the next fad diet, then put the weight back on again. Etc., etc. A lot of us have been there, but this time it feels so different. I feel more aware of myself, my feelings, my emotions, my self worth.
Okay, so I put on that half a stone, but I still have lost seven. It's not the end of the world. I won't lose the support of my family and friends and I will continue in the New Year to try to become fitter and healthier not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. It's all about being happy with what you have been given and making the most of it.
So once again a Happy New Year to you all and let's all try together to make the best of it!

Oh, by the way, that half a stone? It's gone now, along with an extra half a pound!

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